I don't need to flirt. 
I'll seduce you with my awkwardness.*

*or rather with my kick-ass skills, because this is a professional website and everything.  

Hailing from an itty bitty town in Louisiana known for meat pies and Steel Magnolias (yes, the movie!), I'm Alexis, a quirky writer with a penchant for romance novels and '90s R&B – which are kind of the same thing in my opinion.  Everything I know about hard work, time management, and how to maintain a  monochromatic wardrobe I learned from the Power Rangers.

I've got a B.A. in Mass Communication from Northwestern State University of Louisiana, where one of my greatest achievements ever took place: I danced on top of a cafeteria table and was threatened with "severe" disciplinary action, but ironically went on to receive the highest honor a student could instead. 

Now back to those skills I mentioned. I know all about:

Writing. Editing. Photoshop. InDesign. HTML. SEO. Staging Instagram-worthy photos. Captioning those previously-mentioned photos. Deciphering the analytics on said photos. Making beignets from scratch. Choreographing bathroom-mirror dance routines, and a host of other things that would take up too much time to list. 

Want to talk more about my career? Or movies? Or the reason I collect pens? Just give me a shout.

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