Hailing from a small town in Louisiana known for meat pies and Steel Magnolias (yes, the movie), I'm Alexis, a quirky, iced-coffee-dependent writer and editor based in Los Angeles. By day I'm covering entertainment and lifestyle news for various publications. At night, I'm studying screenwriting at UCLA. Cool right?

I've got a B.A. in Mass Communication from Northwestern State University of Louisiana, where one of my greatest achievements ever took place: I danced on top of a cafeteria table and was threatened with "severe" disciplinary action, but ironically went on to receive the highest honor a student could instead.

My work ā€“ everything from print editorial to branded content to social media ā€“ has been featured in Refinery29, Good Housekeeping, Redbook, Prevention, Bustle, and more.

I have a penchant for romance novels and '90s R&B ā€“ which are kind of the same thing in my opinion. I spend about 98% of my time at the movie theater and am rarely (read: never) scared by horror films. Everything I know about hard work and how to maintain a monochromatic wardrobe I learned from watching the Power Rangers. And my lifelong mission is to find and eat the best fish tacos in Los Angeles.

In short: Iā€™m just an enthusiastic pop culture nerd who likes to produce exciting content. Want to talk more about my work, my favorite movies or the reason why I collect colorful pens (Because I do)? Just give me a shout at lexreliford@gmail.com.