Hailing from a small town in Louisiana known for meat pies and Steel Magnolias (yes, the movie), I'm Alexis, a quirky, iced-coffee-dependent blogger and writer based in Los Angeles. By day I'm covering entertainment and lifestyle news for various publications. At night, I'm studying screenwriting at UCLA.

I've got a B.A. in Mass Communication from Northwestern State University of Louisiana, where one of my greatest achievements ever took place: I danced on top of a cafeteria table and was threatened with "severe" disciplinary action, but ironically went on to receive the highest honor a student could instead.

My work – everything from print editorial to branded content to social media – has been featured in Refinery29, Good Housekeeping, Redbook, Prevention, Bustle, and more.

I have a penchant for romance novels and '90s R&B (read: I’m a hopeless romantic). I spend about 98% of my time at the movie theater and am rarely (never) scared by horror films. Everything I know about hard work and how to maintain a monochromatic wardrobe I learned from watching the Power Rangers. Most importantly, I eat tacos at least once a week.

In short: I’m just an enthusiastic pop culture nerd who likes to produce exciting content on this blog and off. Want to talk more about my work, my favorite movies or collaborate? Just give me a shout at